What to Do if You've Experienced Sexual or Relationship Violence

Your immediate physical and emotional safety is important. There are confidential and reporting options available to you.

Confidential Resources:

  • Contact a Confidential CARE Advocate. CARE Advocates are available if you’d like confidential help in sorting through your emotions, resources and reporting options. As UCR’s certified sexual assault/domestic violence survivor advocates, they provide safety planning support, accompaniments for SART examinations and Title IX/UCPD meetings, crisis intervention, case management, accommodations and referrals. Available Monday- Friday, 8am-4:30pm contact (951) 827-6225 or email
  • Riverside Area Rape Crisis Center (RARCC) is a confidential, off-campus organization available 24/7 that provides resources & referrals for survivors of sexual assault, including coordinating forensic exams and support. Contact the RARCC at (951) 686-7273.
  • Alternatives to Domestic Violence (ADV) is a confidential, off campus organization that provides resources and support to survivors of relationship violence including domestic/dating violence and or intimate partner violence. Contact ADV at (800) 339-7233.

Following an assault, the choice is yours to seek medical treatment, report and/or press formal charges. For sexual assault, our local Sexual Assault Response Teams (SART) can help.

Services include:

  • A free medical exam for those sexually assaulted within 120 hours (five days) where forensic evidence can be collected for later use if you wish to pursue a report in the future. You don't need to report to the police to have evidence collected. 
  • If you think you were exposed to drugs or alcohol when the assault happened, toxicology exams are available within 96 hours from when the assault occurred. Ask your nurse for a toxicology kit. Learn more about alcohol- and drug-facilitated sexual assault.
  • Because the exam is free of charge, the hospital won't bill your insurance or your parent/guardian insurance.
  • Confidential and formal reporting options can be explored.

A Sexual Assault Response Team (S.A.R.T.) exam can be accessed through the Riverside County Regional Medical Center (951) 486-5650. UCR students may seek medical attention at the Campus Health Center, (951) 827 3031. It should be noted that the UCR Campus Health Center does not facilitate SART examinations but can provide preventative treatments for pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. CARE Advocates, UCR Police Department and local rape crisis centers can also help connect you with these services.

Reporting Options:

  • Contact the Title IX Office, (951) 827-7070. This office is responsible for receiving and conducting administrative investigations of reports of sexual and relationship violence by students and employees, and is available to discuss safety accommodations, and explain university policies and procedures. 
  • Call UCR Police Department to file a police report or if you’re in immediate danger, (951) 827-5222, or 911 from a campus phone.


Additional On-Campus Resources: