We're In It Together

UCR and our students are dedicated to being good neighbors in the Riverside community. Our community partnership program, In It Together, promotes good neighbor guidelines, provides resources to resolve issues and helps enhance the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

Students and permanent residents have many things in common, including the desire to enjoy a good quality of life and feel safe in our homes. We also sometimes have differences - in schedules, priorities and habits. UCR works in partnership with our neighbors and the City of Riverside to find solutions for issues that arise from these differences. After all, when it comes to building a better community – we're in it together.

Getting Along

Life is rarely free from conflict, but we can minimize it where we live by treating our neighbors like we want to be treated — with respect and consideration. It's really that simple. Realistically, though, not everyone does that. That's why we have laws. Like all residents, UCR students are expected to uphold state and city laws and ordinances, including those related to noise, traffic, parking, zoning and consumption of alcohol. They are also expected to represent the university positively and follow UCR's Standards of Conduct.

The In It Together logo is shown next to a chain paper dolls holding hands.

You don't have to know your neighbors to be a good one.

  • Good Neighbor Guidelines: Follow these to avoid the most common neighbor complaints involving noise, parties, trash, traffic safety, and parking.
  • Riverside Municipal Codes: Avoid fines and possible arrest by knowing and following local ordinances.

Violations & Consequences

Violations equal consequences, and nobody wants it to get that far. Let's stick with simple respect and not let a few bad apples spoil our community network of unity and support.

UC Riverside 

The University addresses each situation on a case-by-case basis. Sanctions for students and student organizations vary on the offense, and can include:

  • For individuals: Education about good neighbor guidelines, community service, citations and/or arrest for violations of laws, suspension and dismissal from UCR.
  • For student organizations: Payment of damages, suspension of privileges, loss of facilities usage and permanent revocation of UCR recognition.
City of Riverside 

The city addresses each situation on a case-by-case basis. Sanctions for individuals can include:

  • Non-binding mediation.
  • Citations and/or arrest for violation of laws.
  • Civil suits that can result in fines or other judgments against the responsible party.
  • Criminal charges, which can include fines, jail time or both.

Let's Keep Riverside Safe

Recently, listed Riverside as the 14th safest metro city in America (2018)

Heads Up: High-Traffic UCR Events

UCR hosts several large campus events for students throughout the year. We add extra security measures for major events, advise students of good neighbor policies and request extra patience from the community during these times.

  • Fall: Block Party (part of Welcome Week) and Homecoming
  • Spring: Spring Splash and Commencement (graduation)