• When should a parent contact UCPD directly?

    Family members should feel free to call UCPD 24/7 at (951) 827-5222 and ask to speak to a watch commander if they have a concern or question about an incident on campus, a general safety-related question, or concerns about a student’s welfare (ex., report a missing student, inquire about a possible student death, or inquire about a student crime victim). UCPD may not be able to share specific information with family members about student contact with UCPD if the student is 18 or older. 

  • I want my student moved or transferred from their current housing arrangement. How are these issues handled?

    Your student should schedule a meeting with the Resident Director (RD) of their community. Through this meeting the RD will determine if a mediation is necessary. If mediation is not successful or not necessary, the student can complete the “Relocation Request Form.” Completed forms should be submitted through the respective Residential Services Office or Main Housing Contacts and Accounts office.

    Options will be provided for potential relocation spaces and the student will generally be given 48 hours to decide if they would like to relocate. If the student accepts the offer, they will sign a new contract and be relocated. If the student chooses not to accept the offer, they will remain in their current space. 

  • I need to contact Financial Aid regarding an issue. How do I reach someone?

    Students can reach Financial Aid at via telephone by calling (951) 827-3878, by emailing, or by visiting You can find answers to many of your financial aid questions on the FAQ page located at

    Students and families need to know that the fall quarter fee payment deadline (which falls on every Sept. 15, unless the 15th lands on weekend, then it is moved to the Friday before) is the busiest time of the year for the Financial Aid office. To avoid waiting for phone lines to open up during that time, we recommend that students submit all required documents by the established deadlines, which in most cases are set well in advance. 

  • What should I do if my student has passed away?

    Contact UCPD at (951) 827-5222 and ask to speak to a watch commander. Provide them with the student’s name, student ID number (if you have it), and housing assignment (if the student lived on campus). From there, UCPD will contact the Dean of Students and the Registrar to close out the student’s accounts (a death certificate will need to be provided).