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TRIO-SSS connects scholars to other resources, including peer mentors, faculty, administrators, staff, alumni and business leaders to help provide a cohesive support team to help TRIO Scholars maximize their success. The TRIO Scholars Program at UCR is comprised of two-full time staff members and several student staff positions.



The Director is responsible for the overall implementation, administration, and evaluation of the TRIO Scholars Program. The Director supervises the Education Advisor. The Director meets with 2nd and 4th year TRIO Scholar participants to provide academic, social, personal, and career advising. 

Brighitte Preciado is originally from South Gate, CA and has been the director of TRIO Scholars since February 2016. Brighitte received her B.A. in Film Studies from UC Berkeley and  her M.S. in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Colorado State University. She is responsible for implementing, administering and evaluating the TRIO Scholars Program to facilitate the retention, graduation and success of first-generation and low-income students at UCR. 

Educational Advisor

The Educational Advisor provides administrative and programming support to ensure the success of the TRIO Scholars Program. Sudent staff report to the Educational Advisor. The EA meets with 1st and 3rd year TRIO Scholar participants to provide academic, social, personal, and career advising.



Peer Mentors

TRIO Scholars are assigned an upper division peer mentor to help connect scholars to critical campus resources. Scholars meet with their TRIO Peer Mentor bi-weekly to discuss general concerns, learn about academic and support opportunities, and participate in cultural, social or community service activities.


Recognizing that writing and math are critical skills that students must possess in order to be successful at UCR, the TRIO Scholars Program has upperclassmen who serve as tutors for the scholars. The writing and math tutors provide small group sessions or one-on-one sessions on critical writing and math skills with students. The TRIO Scholars Program partners with the Academic Resource Center and academic departments on campus to connect TRIO Scholars to tutorial services. 

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